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The services offered at CarnesWarwick often overlap, as most business owners, innovators, and artists must manage branding, intellectual property, contracts, and licensing. Designed to be a resource for your general legal and business needs, CarnesWarwick offers the feel of in-house counsel without the commonly associated expenses. Through our personalized attention with flexible and affordable fee structures, your business will benefit from having an attorney at its side.
From business formation through development and branding, CarnesWarwick offers assistance with entity formation, contracts, licensing, and intellectual property. CarnesWarwick offers flexible options in its range of services for both new and established businesses.
In today's global market, intellectual property is more important than ever. CarnesWarwick can help your business develop, manage, and enforce applicable trademarks, copyrights, and patents to strengthen your market share.
Sometimes there is no getting around a dispute and litigation arises. CarnesWarwick has years of courtroom experience, and whether your damages are valued in the thousands of dollars or millions, CarnesWarwick has handled similar sized cases in the past. We are ready to fight for you now.
Authors, Artists, Musicians, and Screenwriters often find themselves dealing with intellectual property and business matters. In fact, in some cases it may be beneficial for entertainers to create a business. CarnesWarwick will help you evaluate what is right for you and help you protect the rights in your creative works.